Grundy Center Municipal Utilities

Telephone Rates

Congratulations for Making History!

     Because of your individual cooperation, leadership, and community pride, your locally owned utilities will be among the first in the nation to offer local and long distance telephone service, cable television, and internet service to its residents and businesses.

Be a Part of History!

     When you sign up for GCMU Service, you are not simply choosing a phone service or any ordinary company, you are choosing a state-of-the-art system that is dedicated to providing your tele-communication needs. You are choosing local control and ownership of your phone and cable television system. And you are choosing to support economic growth and community betterment here in Grundy Center.

    We are committed to serving you, our customer/owner/partner. As part of that service, we are providing this customer handbook to help explain our services and answer some questions you may have.

     We thank you, the citizens of Grundy Center for your vision, fortitude and persistence in helping develop a telecommunications system that will successfully lead Grundy Center into the 21st Century.