City of Grundy Center Tree Program

He that plants trees loves others beside himself.
English Proverb

Benefits of Trees

The benefits from trees include helping improve the quality of air we breath, reducing noise, trapping pollutants, conserving energy and beautifying our environment. Trees can keep a dwelling cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. cities that spend money and time maintaining and planting trees are generally considered healthier and more desirable places to live.

Trees planted on private property and in the parking can greatly increase the value of the property.

The Tree Board uses only trees recommended by the Department of Natural Resources for street planting.

Care After PlantingTree planting at Borden Business Park Oct. 2001.  ©Eunice Riesberg

The first two growing seasons and the period just after planting are critical times for a tree to survive and become established.

When planting street trees, volunteers working with the Tree Board prune, water, stake, apply trunk protection and mulch each tree properly.

The Tree Board will check the street trees particularly during the first two years. However, we urge the homeowner to work with us to provide proper watering and care of the tree. We need your cooperation and assistance for the program to be successful. We ask that you provide the proper amount of water as recommended.


Watering needs of a tree depend upon rainfall and soil conditions. In general a newly planted tree requires 1 inch of moisture every 7-10 days during the growing season. The key to watering is to apply water slowly and allow the water to move down through the root area and then allow some drying after each watering. Over watering can actually kill a tree.

Newly planted trees mush be watered a minimum of one year after planting if sufficient rainfall does not occur.


At the time of planting, all trees receive a layer of shredded mulch. This helps control weeds, keeps the soil cooler and retains moisture.

Mulch around a tree should extend to the drip line of the branches and be a minimum of three inches deep. It is important that the mulch be kept directly away from the trunk to discourage rot. The mulch should be dished out to catch moisture.

We strongly suggest that you do not use landscaping rock around the tree. Planting flowers is also not recommended as t he plant will compete for the same water and nutrients.


The first year there are enough nutrients in the soil to provide for growth of the new tree. The Board will check the street trees after the first year for damage, need for pruning, will apply proper fertilizer and add additional mulch if needed. The stakes and trunk protector will generally be removed at this time.


All street trees are to be trimmed or removed by the City. You may contact City Hall to obtain a form to request trimming and/or removal of street trees.

Sometimes we find it necessary to remove street trees for safety reasons to the general public. We do not want to remove more threes than are absolutely necessary. If there is a tree that is questionable, we will contact the Department of Natural Resources or District Forester for a recommendation.

Trees that are in the power lines will be maintained by the local Municipal Light and Power Company.

In Summary

We hope the information provided will be of benefit to you. There are numerous resources on trees and tree care available to you through the Grundy County Extension Service, the Kling Memorial Library and the Grundy Center Tree Board.

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