Tree Care Do's and Don'ts

  • Do water regularly

  • Do inspect trees on a regular basis. Look for mechanical damage, insect or possible disease.

  • Do contact us if you suspect damage, need help or advice.

    New street tress at Borden Business Park. Oct. 2001.  ©Eunice Riesberg

  • Do volunteer to help.

  • Don't hit the tree with mowers, weedeaters or other mechanical devices.

  • Don't replace mulch with rock or plantings.

  • Don't use chemical weed killers in the area of a tree's root zone.

  • Don't over water (daily).

  • Don't damage bark (dog chains, bikes, carving or nails).

  • Don't compact the soil heavily around a tree.

  • Don't prune or remove street trees — that responsibility is the City's.

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